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We customise home organic vegetable gardens to suit your needs.

The raised vegetable gardens are built complete with irrigation and planted with organic seedlings of your choice of vegetables.

Organic Vegetables

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Totally hassle free!!!

We fully customise your own organic raised vegetable garden. These gardens come complete with irrigation and your personal choice of vegetable seedlings.

We also offer to maintain your veggie garden.

We will also buy any vegetables that might be in excess to your requirements.


A bushel of Music

A bushel of Music garlic: The bulbs were significantly smaller than expected, for no reason I could point to, but the fine, strong flavor is fully there. Still plenty of time for planting, going by the 14-day weather forecast… Cause if you can’t count on the weather, what can you count on?! Related reading… Evening …

Seedlings in January!

The earliest ever tomatoes experiment begins… Parts of the plan include a proven super-early variety, multiple seedling start dates, and the unheated greenhouse!


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Email – info@homeorganix.co.za